Expert financial advice for ASCL members

ASCL members

Expert financial advice for ASCL members

Expert financial advice for ASCL members

As an ASCL Premier Partner, we have been providing expert financial advice to members since 2007.

We can guide you through those times in life when you need to address financial issues – be it looking to buy a property, starting a family, saving for your future or planning for retirement we are here to help. Importantly, we can help you understand how changes in the workplace, amendments to teachers’ pension provisions and reviews to working practices may affect you. After all, in the current economic climate it makes sense to have your finances in order.

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Helping you make the most of
your money

Our advisers, backed by the extensive knowledge and experience of Lighthouse Group, one of the best-respected financial advice companies in the UK, are able to provide you with advice on all areas of financial planning, including:

  • insurance and protection: so you and your family don’t suffer financially should the worst happen
  • pensions and retirement: taking advantage of the options available to you to enjoy a comfortable retirement
  • savings and investments: putting your spare cash to good use to build and conserve wealth tax-efficiently
  • mortgages and borrowings: many people pay more than they need to. Are you one of them?

Specialist advice about
teachers’ pension schemes

As you would expect from ASCL’s Premier Partner for financial advice, we understand how the teachers’ pension scheme works, and can explain what provision you already have and how you could supplement this.

  • Will your pension scheme provide you with adequate income in retirement?
  • Have you considered other tax-efficient ways of boosting your income in retirement?
  • Do you have old pension funds, such as AVCs, FSAVCs or private pensions? If so, are they on track to provide the pension you expect?
  • Can you afford to retire early? What impact would this have on your pension in later life?
  • Should you take a tax-free lump sum?
  • Do you need fixed or variable income in retirement?

Get an estimate of your teachers’ pension. If you are in Scotland you can get an estimate here.

About to retire? It pays to shop around for your annuity. Find out more here.

Complimentary, no obligation
initial consultation

As an ASCL member you are entitled to a complimentary, no obligation consultation from Lighthouse Financial Advice. One of our qualified advisers will ask you about your circumstances and objectives to establish whether you could benefit from advice. Whatever your stage in life, whatever your priorities and lifestyle, we can help you make the most of your money.

  • Starting out: taking a few simple steps now can put in place solid foundations for your financial future.
  • Young family: adjusting the way your finances are organised can help you relax and enjoy these precious years.
  • Children growing up: this is the time to check that your pension provision is on track and if not, to take action.
  • Approaching retirement: your priority will be to ensure you will be able to maintain your lifestyle when you retire.
  • Retired: by securing your finances now you will know you have enough income to enjoy a long retirement.

Book your appointment online. Or call us now on
08000 85 85 90

Financial planning seminars
for ASCL members

Planning for retirement seminars

We regularly run seminars about planning for retirement exclusively for ASCL members. At the events we highlight the issues members approaching retirement need to consider and explain the various options open to them.

Understanding your pension seminars

These 30 minute sessions, held free of charge in schools on inset days or at staff meetings, give an overview to all staff (teaching and non-teaching) of historic, current and likely future changes to their pensions, so they are fully informed of how their schemes work and what action to take should there be changes.

Find out more about events currrently scheduled for ASCL members.

Would your staff benefit from attending a seminar on financial issues such as:

  • planning for retirement
  • income and wealth preservation
  • savings and investments?

If so, we would be pleased to organise this, free of charge, in your school or college. Alternatively, you may prefer to hold a surgery, where members book 30-minute, individual, confidential consultations with one of our experienced financial advisers. Please contact us to arrange an event at your school or college.

About to retire? Our annuity service can help you get a higher level of income income. Are you paying to much for your mortgage? Our independent mortgage specialists may be able to find you a better deal.


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