Expert financial advice for UNISON members

UNISON members

Expert financial advice for UNISON members

Expert financial advice for UNISON members

As a UNISON Plus endorsed provider, we have been providing financial advice to UNISON members since 2007.

We can guide you through those times in life when you need to address financial issues – be it looking to buy a property, starting a family, saving for your future or planning for retirement we are here to help. Importantly, we can help you understand how changes in the workplace, amendments to public sector pension schemes and reviews to working practices may affect you. After all, in the current economic climate it makes sense to have your finances in order.

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UNISON Suresave

The tax-exempt savings plan for
UNISON members

Are you worried about the future? Would you like the comfort of knowing that you have a nest egg accumulating from just £15 a month?

What would you like to be able to afford?

  • to help with the cost of your children's or grandchildren's education
  • the holiday of a lifetime
  • a lump sum when you retire
  • a special birthday or anniversary.

Save for the future with UNISON Plus Suresave, an affordable, tax-free savings plan available for adults and children:

  • Choose how much you want to save each month (minimum £15, maximum £25).
  • Decide how long you want to save for –
    between 10 and 25 years.
  • On maturity you are guaranteed to get back at least the amount you have paid in, so long as you have paid all your monthly contributions for the full duration of the plan.
  • The potential for bonuses annually and in the final year. The addition of any bonuses is not guaranteed.

Tax-free means free of tax in the hands of the investor so an element of tax may be paid within the fund. Tax treatments depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future.

Apply or request an information pack online
(you will be directed to the Foresters Friendly Society website)

Call freephone 0800 298 8185
to request an information pack

Foresters Friendly Society

Specialist advice about public sector pension schemes

As you would expect from UNISON Plus’s endorsed provider of financial advice, we understand how pension schemes work, including public sector pension schemes, and can explain what provision you already have and how you could supplement this.

  • Will your pension scheme provide you with adequate income in retirement?
  • Have you considered other tax-efficient ways of boosting your income in retirement?
  • Do you have old pension funds, such as AVCs, FSAVCs or private pensions? If so, are they on track to provide the pension you expect?
  • Can you afford to retire early? What impact would this have on your pension in later life?
  • Should you take a tax-free lump sum?
  • Do you need fixed or variable income in retirement?

Get an estimate of your pension:
Local Government Pension Scheme
Civil Service Pension Scheme
NHS Pensions

If you are in Scotland you can get an estimate of your pension here.

Complimentary, no obligation
initial consultation

As a member of UNISON you are entitled to a complimentary, no obligation initial consultation from Lighthouse Financial Advice, UNISON Plus’s endorsed provider of financial advice. One of our qualified advisers will ask you about your circumstances and objectives to establish whether you could benefit from advice. Whatever your stage in life, whatever your priorities and lifestyle, we can help you make the most of your money.

  • Starting out: taking a few simple steps now can put in place solid foundations for your financial future.
  • Young family: adjusting the way your finances are organised can help you relax and enjoy these precious years.
  • Children growing up: this is the time to check that your pension provision is on track and if not, to take action.
  • Approaching retirement: your priority will be to ensure you will be able to maintain your lifestyle when you retire.
  • Retired: by securing your finances now you will know you have enough income to enjoy a long retirement.

Book your appointment online. Or call us now on
08000 85 85 90

Financial planning seminars for
UNISON members

Would you benefit from attending a seminar on financial issues such as:

  • planning for retirement
  • planning for redundancy
  • income and wealth preservation
  • savings and investments?

As a UNISON Plus endorsed provider, we regularly run financial planning seminars for UNISON members in their workplace. Alternatively, you may prefer to hold a surgery, where members book 30-minute, individual, confidential consultations with one of our experienced financial advisers.

Find out more about events currrently scheduled for members of UNISON.

Or contact us to arrange an event in your area.

About to retire? Our annuity service can help you get a higher level of income income. Is your job at risk? Read our financial planning checklist.


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