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Careers for experienced financial advisers

Careers for experienced financial advisers

As a Lighthouse Financial Advice adviser you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the benefits of being part of a large, successful organisation with the support you need to serve and develop your client base combined with all the advantages that come with self-employed status and being your own boss.

You will benefit from a national brand and a stable environment. Lighthouse Financial Advice is the national advisory division of Lighthouse Group, an AIM-listed company that is stable, financially robust, and was named IFA of the Year, Life and Pensions, for three years running, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

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Six reasons why advisers are joining Lighthouse Financial Advice:

  1. Potential to access over five million “Middle Britain” clients.
  2. Five-day residential course provides the technical and business development training new recruits need to get up and running quickly and writing business effectively.
  3. Transitional Managers and Business Development Executives help advisers joining LFA to implement their business plan and to ensure they are on track to achieve their goals.
  4. Market-leading, straight-through business processing system incorporating risk profiling and compliance sign-off ensures our advisers spend less time on administration and more time with clients.
  5. LFA’s unique affinity group marketing programme generates many thousands of interesting opportunities to engage with and advise clients each year.
  6. Access to a wide range of fully researched products selected to meet the needs of Middle Britain enables our advisers to advise on all main areas of financial planning with confidence.

Opportunities for:

Client introductions and opportunities

Would you like a continuous stream of qualified client introductions and business development opportunities? We believe we devote more time, effort and resources to generating client introductions than just about anyone else in the business.

Lighthouse Financial Advice is one of the largest providers of financial advice to members of affinity groups and trade unions, giving our advisers access to more than five million potential clients. You’ve probably heard it all before – but this time the numbers speak for themselves. Here are some of our facts and figures:

  • In 2012 Lighthouse Financial Advice provided its advisers with:
  • 12,148 new client introductions
  • 912 seminar and surgery opportunities
  • 6,477 client appointments booked directly into advisers’ diaries.
  • Around 51% of business written by Lighthouse Financial Advice advisers is generated through our relationships with affinity groups.

Discover the organisations that have chosen Lighthouse Financial Advice as their preferred provider of financial advice.

Making it easier for you to make the move

All advisers joining Lighthouse Financial Advice attend a five-day residential course in our Brighton office. The course trains and assesses advisers on all the key areas they need to know about and understand in order to succeed as a Lighthouse Financial Advice adviser, including:

  • accessing our client introduction capabilities
  • developing business via our affinity partners
  • how our call centre can make your business more efficient
  • using our unique, integrated business processing system to write business more efficiently
  • using our industry-leading risk-profiling method
  • an overview of financial products, including Lighthouse Core and Researched Solutions, suites of investments solutions advisers can use with confidence
  • options for helping clients with more specialist needs
  • refresher session on regulatory issues
  • meeting our quality, standards and risk requirements.

In addition, we identify and address any additional learning gaps advisers may have and help each one develop their business plan.

Ongoing support and help in building your business

Advisers joining Lighthouse Financial Advice are not left high and dry once they have completed their initial training. Transitional Managers and Business Development Executives are on hand to ensure that they are able to make the most of the resources available to them.

The amount of help you need and the time it takes will vary, depending on your previous experience. Your Transitional Manager will understand your strengths and weaknesses and will be available for as long as you need them. Whether you would like more training on using the full capabilities of our straight-through business processing system, or would like to learn how to deliver a seminar to a room full of people with confidence, your Transitional Manager will be able to help.

In addition, all advisers joining Lighthouse Financial Advice advisers have access to a Business Development Executive. These are experienced financial advisers who, in addition to practicing as financial planners, help advisers achieve their full potential. Depending on your business plan they will be able to help you:

  • make contact with local affinity group partners
  • develop connections with other professional advisers such as accountants and solicitors
  • run financial planning seminars, for example in local schools and hospitals
  • generally be on hand to advise you on developing business.

Middle Britain demands
expert financial advice

LFA Managing Director Paul Harris takes a closer look at why Middle Britain is crying out for informed financial advice and how LFA advisers are uniquely equipped to advise them.

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Making it easier for
you to make the move

Lighthouse Financial Advice’s five-day residential training course provides advisers joining LFA with the knowledge they need to get up and running quickly and writing business efficiently, as Ian James, Head of Training at Lighthouse explains.

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Helping advisers achieve
their full potential

Advisers joining Lighthouse Financial Advice are not left high and dry once they have completed their initial training. Transitional Managers and Business Development Executives are on hand to ensure that they are able to make the most of all the resources available to them.

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Market-leading system drives
advice for Middle Britain

Advisers with Lighthouse Financial Advice have access to a client management and business processing system that streamlines all parts of the advice process – from initial contact through risk profiling to sign off, placing the business and ongoing client management.

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Opening doors to 5 million
“Middle Britain” clients

Lighthouse Financial Advice probably generates more client introductions for its advisers than anyone else in the market – and having built solid relationships with 18 affinity groups, this continuous stream of opportunities for advisers looks set to increase significantly.

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Advising “Middle Britain”
with confidence

As the “Go to” adviser for Middle Britain, Lighthouse Financial Advice provides its advisers with the research and products they need to make recommendations that, as well as being appropriate and compliant, are cost-effective for clients and efficient for advisers.

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Business development
support when you need it

LFA advisers can use the firm’s unique Adviser Support team for significant marketing and business development activities. From contacting clients and following up on fully-supported seminars, to booking appointments directly into advisers’ diaries, they are there to help.

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