Insurance and protection | Financial protection for you and your family

Insurance & protection

Insurance and protection | Financial protection for you and your family

Financial protection for you and your family

In this section we look at safeguarding your income and your wealth during the course of your life. Initially your focus will be on protecting your and your family’s income and lifestyle should the worst happen – you wouldn’t receive much support from the state. As you progress through life you are more likely to be concerned about protecting your assets so you can enjoy them and ultimately pass them on.

We can recommend affordable policies that offer a suitable level of cover for your requirements and occupation. We are also able to advise on protecting your assets from unexpected expenditure such as nursing home fees, and from inheritance tax.

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Starting out

How important is your income to you? How quickly would you be able to get another job if you were made redundant? What would you live on if you had an accident or fell seriously ill?

We can help you protect your income should the unexpected happen.

Young family

How would your family survive if it had no income? Starting a family is when many people decide to protect their income should they be unemployed, become seriously ill, or die.

We can find policies which provide the type and level of cover you require – you may be surprised how affordable they are.

Children growing up

If you haven’t already done so, this is a good time to make sure you are adequately covered should you or a member of your family fall seriously ill.

You may also want to consider taking out private health insurance.

Approaching retirement

You may find yourself faced with the dilemma of caring for elderly parents or relatives. This is expensive and can quickly deplete the family’s accumulated wealth. However, we can help you plan ahead to meet the cost of nursing home care without selling your hard-earned assets.

Also, inheritance tax now reduces the wealth of many families. Do you understand how it will affect yours? Are the Wills of all family members up-to-date and tax-efficient?


Most people would like to pass their remaining wealth on to their family, but unless you take steps to protect your assets, including your home, this is unlikely to happen.

We can explain how you can make provision for nursing home fees, so you don’t have to sell the family home to pay for them*. We can also explain how to pass as much of your wealth as possible on to your family.

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