Financial advice for people with young children

Young family

Financial advice for people with young children

Starting a family changes your life ...

... bringing joy and new responsibilities. Your priorities and outlook change. You may now need a larger home, putting yet more strain on already over-stretched finances. You will want to give your children the best possible start in life, yet things are hectic, especially if you are juggling work and family life.

Making a few adjustments to the way your finances are organised can help you relax and enjoy these precious years when your children are young.

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Savings & investments

Savings & investments

You may not have much disposable income, yet if you want to send your children to private school and/or help them through university, or move to a bigger home you should start saving now. If your income is regular, then try and make monthly contributions to a suitable fund. If you receive bonuses then you may prefer to make lump sum contributions.

We can help you work out how much you need to save and recommend funds suitable for your timescale and attitude to risk. Using tax-efficient funds can help your money grow faster.

Pensions & retirement

Pensions & retirement

You should by now already be making regular contributions into either a corporate pension scheme or your personal pension plan.

Even though you may be feeling the strain financially, maintaining your payments will help ensure your pension fund stays on target.

Insurance & protection

Protecting your family

How would your family survive if it had no income? Starting a family is when many people decide to protect their income should they be unemployed, become seriously ill, or die.

We can find policies which provide the type and level of cover you require – you may be surprised how affordable they are.

Mortgages & borrowings

Mortgages & borrowings

If you haven’t already done so, this is a good time to review your mortgage. We may find that you are paying more than you need to, perhaps because your original deal has come to an end.

Also, if you want to move to a larger property or extend your current home we can help you secure the additional funding you require.

Are you paying to much for your mortgage? Our independent mortgage specialists may be able to find you a better deal.

What are your goals?

These are the most common goals customers with young families tell us they would like to achieve. What are yours?

  • Move to a bigger house, with a garden.
  • Be able to afford to help my children through university.
  • Know that my family is financially secure.

Talk to us – we can help you achieve them.