Savings and investments | Building and conserving wealth tax-efficiency

Savings & investments

Savings and investments | Building and conserving wealth tax-efficiency

Building and conserving wealth tax-efficiently

We can help you put your spare cash to good use to build and conserve wealth tax-efficiently. How you do this will depend on your goals, timescale and attitude to risk. Are you saving for a deposit on a house in five years, your children’s university fees in ten years or your retirement in twenty-five years? Do you think of yourself as the kind of person prepared to take risk, or do you prefer some certainty?

We use a simple questionnaire to help you understand how much risk you are prepared to take, and then recommend funds that match this risk. We can then agree going forward how often you wish to review your investments to make sure they remain inline with your risk profile, and check whether your attitude to risk has changed.

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Starting out

Paying even a small amount each month into a suitable savings account or fund can build up a reasonable nest-egg surprisingly quickly – just what you need to pay the deposit on your first property, or for the honeymoon of your dreams.

Talk to us to find out which funds suit your timescale and attitude to risk, and whether you should opt for an ISA, which can grow free of capital gains tax.

Young family

You may not have much disposable income, yet if you want to send your children to private school and/or help them through university, or move to a bigger home you should start saving now. If your income is regular, then try and make monthly contributions to a suitable fund. If you receive bonuses you may prefer to make lump sum contributions.

We can help you work out how much you need to save and recommend funds suitable for your timescale and attitude to risk. Using tax-efficient funds can help your money grow faster.

Children growing up

You should review your investments to make sure they are on track to achieve your goals. We can advise you whether any adjustments, diversification and rebalancing are required. If you need income, for instance to pay university fees, we can recommend income-producing funds.

You may decide to realise some gains, perhaps to help your children on to the property ladder, in which case you should consider the tax implications before deciding which investments to sell.

Approaching retirement

It may be the time to take a more cautious approach, for instance restructuring your investments to produce income – if you don’t need the extra income now you can simply reinvest it, potentially further boosting your retirement fund.

Retirement income is taxable, so check that your investments and savings are as tax-efficient as possible. Are you using your full ISA allowance?


Income will be your priority, so make sure your investments are generating as much as possible. Will your investments and income keep up with inflation?

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